Year 4

Welcome to the Summer term in Year Four.


This term our topic is 'Savage Settlers'.


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Here is the link for our overview of what your children can expect to learn this term.


Click on the link below to play the Viking Quest game.



We had an amazing time on our residential. 


See the Gallery for more photos. 



This week we had a visit from Animals In-tuition.  A python, tarantula, tortoise, tree frog, millipede and a gecko joined us in our classroom.  We learnt lots of new facts about the animals and their habitat. We even got to hold them!


See the Gallery for more photos.


We have had a great start to the term.  In January we went on a Google expedition to the rainforest in Borneo.  Have a look in the photo galleries to find us on our journey.


We have had all sorts of other adventures!  We've designed platforms for gorillas in Gorilla city, finding the area and perimeter.  We have explored capacity by measuring out a potion to send a gorilla into a sleepy haze.  We have also taken part in the BBC Terrific Scientific experiment to find out what kind of tasters we are.  Look in our gallery for more photos!




Parent letter.doc

Parent Overview.docx


We have had a great first term in Year Four.  There has been lots going on throughout the term and it finished with our wonderful Christmas production


Our first week involved making mummies and building pyramids.




We visited the Manchester Museum and took part in a workshop that involved us preparing a mummy for the afterlife.  We also had time to explore other galleries in the museum.




We helped the British Museum by making Egyptian exhibits out of clay.