Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

with Mrs Mowat, Mrs Wigglesworth and Miss Brown


Get ready for Blast off Year 3!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and are ready for an exciting summer term.

Our new topic 'To Infinity and Beyond' will take us on a journey through our solar system! We will learn all about the history of space travel, learning about what life is like in space whilst researching important Astronauts and their galactic conquests. 

We also have an exciting visit to Jodrell Bank planned for later in the year.

Keep visiting the website to see more of our adventures on our space quests. 


Children are currently focusing on their 6 times table - children should be confident recalling these in any order at speed.

Children should continue to review all other previously covered times tables (3,4,10, 8). 

We have introduced additional Home Work which has been sent home on individual sheets on a fortnightly basis. 


Find out more about our new topic: 

Summer holistic overview Letter.pdf

Holistic plan.pdf