Vernon Primary Staff 2017 - 2018


Class & Year Group / Role


Roles/Additional Responsibilities


Mrs Carvell

Headteacher, Cared for Children, Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Kiely

Deputy Headteacher, SENDCO, Governor, Safeguarding Deputy

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Walker

Assistant Headteacher, English Subject Leader, Governor, Website Co-ordinator, Drama

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs Brammar

Foundation Stage Leader, Reception, CLLD Co-ordinator, Personal Development Subject Leader, Eco Co-ordinator

Key Stage One Leader

Mrs Tootell 

Key Stage One Leader, Science Subject Leader, Students Coordinator

Lower Key Stage Two Leader

Miss Russell

Lower Key Stage Two Leader, Mathematics Subject Leader, Educational Visits, Pupil Premium

Upper Key Stage Two Leader 

Mrs Gurney

Upper Key Stage Leader, Year 5, Assessment Co-ordinator


Mrs Maries

Foreign Languages Subject Leader

Year One

Miss Wildig 

Music Subject Leader, School Council Coordinator

Year One

Miss Worthington


Year Two

Miss Hilgart


Year Three

Mrs Hough

SEND Team, Press and Publicity

Year Three

Mrs Waites

History Subject Leader

Year Four

Mr Gilhooley


Year Six

Mrs Johns

PE Subject Leader, Geography Subject Leader

Year Six

Mrs Mowat

Art and Design Subject Leader, Safeguarding Deputy, E-Safety

Year Six

Mrs Wigglesworth

Year 6 teacher

Pastoral Manager

Miss Wood

Pastoral Care, Safeguarding Lead, Family Support and Liaison

School Counsellor

Mrs Maycroft

School Counsellor, LAC Lead 

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Arnold

Mrs Bartlett

Miss Broome

Mrs Chipchase

Mrs Christoforou

Mrs Dowd

Mrs Gerhold

Mrs Harold

Miss Jackson

Mrs Lees

Mrs McBrien

Mrs Owens

Mrs Warhurst

Miss Wrigley

Finance and Administrative Team

Mrs Headridge - Business Manager

Mrs Podmore - Senior Administration Officer

Mrs Currall - Finance Officer

Mrs Salisbury - Clerical Assistant

Site Team

Mr Gurney - Site Manager

Mr Nowicki - Site Maintenance Officer

Vernon Primary School Subject Leaders 2017-18.pdf

Vernon Primary School Areas of Responsibility 2017-18.pdf