Sports Funding

Following on from the London 2012 Olympics, the government committed to providing additional funding to Primary Schools across the UK, for each academic year until 2020. The funding, which has been jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, is to be used for improving the provision of sporting activities and Physical Education (PE) lessons. It is 'ring-fenced', which means it can only be used for this purpose and not spent on anything else.

Sports fund allocation for 2017-18: £18,970.00

Possible uses of the funding include:

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work alongside Primary teachers when delivering the PE part of the curriculum.
  • Paying for professional development opportunities for teachers in sport and PE.
  • Providing class cover to release teachers for professional development opportunities in sport and PE.
  • Running sport competitions.
  • Buying equipment to enhance sport and PE provision.

Sports fund allocation for 2016-17: £9,485.00

The Sports Fund allocation for 2016/2017 was spent as follows:




A Specialist PE teacher working alongside school staff




A specialist sports coach running after school activities




Membership of the Macclesfield School Sports Partnership











Membership of the Macclesfield School Sports Partnership (MSSP) has enabled access to up to date and relevant training at reduced costs. MSSP membership has also enabled entry to numerous sporting competitions throughout the year, particularly for the Key Stage Two children.

The Sports Grant allocation for 2016/2017 impacted on the school in the following ways:

All the children throughout the school were able to participate in a range of new sports and sports related activities. The introduction of Year 5/6 High 5 Netball, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 football have been very successful additions to the options available in extra-curricular sports along with Streetdance, invasion games (KS2), hockey and 'games' for KS1. The funding also enabled children to participate in the 'Alternative Sports Club', which is designed to encourage children into sport. The success of this club, which started in the academic year 2014/2015, has been incredible! We have also been able to access coaching for Kwik Cricket and Tri Golf, along with a Girls Only sports club, a huge success in encouraging girls into sport.