Sport, at Vernon, is a key part of the curriculum. Children have the opportunity to join many extra-curricular activities in addition to their regular PE lessons. PE lessons include dance, gymnastics and games whereby the children can experience many varied activities. As a school, we enjoy the regular sporting opportunities offered in the area, competing against schools in Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

The school teams enjoyed a successful year  in 2015-16 with notable performances at the Junior Woodbank Park Athletics tournament. The Year 5/6 football team were delighted to reach the Cup Final and to finish second in the Large Schools League. Another exciting event was Sportsday, enjoyed by all the children! We are currently enjoying another challenging, exciting and successful year in a variety of sports.



The children at Vernon are enjoying several opportuities to try different sports within lessons, extra-curricular clubs and visits from outside sporting companies. We have attended a tag rugby tournament, lacrosse tournament and Sportshall Athletics events. We are thrilled to announce that the Year 3/4 Sportshall Athletics team won their recent event due to their determination and teamwork - well done! Year 5 and 6 will be experiencing Tri-golf this Spring before the tournament in March. It is a busy season of sport from now, as we look forward to football matches, the annual cross country event, tri-golf tournament, Woodbank Park athletics and many more to come!