Safeguarding Committee


Our Safeguarding Committee comprises of a team of dedicated and hard-working Year 6 children. They meet on a regular basis to discuss whole-school safeguarding actions and work hard to promote and encourage safety and well-being throughout the school community. Not only do they raise awareness of topics, they ensure that pupil voice is an integral part of safeguarding practice and procedures across the school.


Our new Safeguarding display


​As part of Anti-Bullying week, the committee recently created their own informative PowerPoint presentation, which they shared during a KS2 assembly. The PowerPoint promoted the Anti-Bullying Alliance's slogan 'Power for Good', which we as a school, have adopted to instil kindness and respect towards others. They also carried out an experiment involving two pieces of fruit, to demonstrate the impact that bullying can have on people's feelings. This tangiable experience provided the children with a visual understanding of the emotional effects that can't be seen.