Welcome to Reception with Mrs Hurd, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Maries & Mrs Moore


Our topic this half term is 'The Magic Ticket Ride'.

As part of our topic, 'The Magic Ticket Ride' we will be thinking about journeys, where we might start a journey, where we might go and how we might travel on those journeys. We will begin the topic by thinking about where a journey may start, doing activities linked to our houses and homes. We will then explore some exciting texts, including 'The Train Ride' and 'The Naughty Bus'. As the children have demonstrated a love for animals we will finish off our Reception year with some exciting activities linked to animals and our pets!

The focus in maths will be on extending knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes and thinking about the language of time and money. We will also continue our work on doubling, halving and sharing.

For the Personal, Social and Emotional Development area of learning we will be thinking about 'changes' and working with the children to prepare them for their transition into Year One and exploring how this might make them feel.

The special helper will take home the 'Magic Ticket Diary' each day.

We look forward to an exciting half term.