Music is a key part of our curriculum at Vernon Primary School.

Well done to our amazing Choir for their incredible performance at the Christies Concert at Manchester Cathedral! Here is the link to our photo gallery: are the links to our songs if you would like to continue singing over the holidays:

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If you would like to find out about opportunities for learning a musical instrument through one of our peripatetic instrumental teachers then please click on the separate link at the side of the page. 


Each class has a curriculum music lesson every week with their class teacher.  We follow the National Curriculum, using lots of percussion instruments to explore and combine sounds, and we love composing music to match our year-group topics.


In assemblies, we not only practise our singing skills and learn new songs, but we also invite children to perform their musical talents in front of a key stage or the school:


Here are some of our musically talented pupils (pictured above):

Jack Wigglesworth (Pianist), Madeleine Howlen (Violinist), Jasmine Walker (Violinist), Elspeth Headridge (Violinist), Lucy Bell (Pianist) and James Irwin (Saxophonist).