Extra-Curricular Achievements

On this page we celebrate the wonderful achievements of Vernon pupils outside of school.

Key Stage One children, remember to bring your achievements to our Monday assembly!


17th July

Eliza Bannard-Smith - distinction in dance examination, gymnastics proficiency level 1, gymnastics proficiency level 2; Kieran Mulroy - star player football certificate; Freya Irwin - merit for grade 1 musical theatre award; Isaac Hoyles - football trophy; Ava Keogh - dancing trophy; Joe Woodham - cricket trophy; Joshua Farrell - cricket trophy; Morgan Davies - cricket trophy; Rose Gilbody - Rainbow badges. 


13th July 

Leo Mitchell - star player football certificate; Grace Salisbury - gymnastics level 8; Connie Hayes - Clever Cogs Rainbow badge; Savannah Griffiths - horse riding rosette; Polly Botwe - gymnastics level 6; Dylan Morrall - Animal Agents Reading Challenge; Arabella Walker - gymnastics stage 6; Sienna Ashton - gymnastics level 5 & gymnast of the week trophy; Harriet Farndell-Woodward - swimming stage 3 certificate; Brianna Edgar - swimming stage 2 certificate. 

3rd July

Rosa Dempsey - Richmond Rovers Football medal; Andrew McDuff - Swimming Stage 1 badge, Phoenix Sports certificate, Rugbytots Try-athlon certificate; Mimi McDuff - Swimming Stage 1 badge, Phoenix Sports certificate; Dylan Morrall - Star Player Football certificates (x2); Isaac Hoyles - Man of Match Football trophy, Matthew Roberts - Bubble Rush Medal; Megan Owen - Level 7 Gymnastics certificate.


26th June

Sadie Caine - gymnast of the month trophy; Georgina Rushton - Pixie Cheerleading medal for Jamfest; Joseph Rushton - Rugbytots try-athlon; Alexenda Bedford - gymnastics trophy; Isabelle Walmsley - Stage 3 Swimming certificate; Megan Ormiston - Stage 6 Gymnastics certificate.


19th June

Jake Andrews, Thomas Banner - Richmond Rovers medals; Dylan Morrall - Stage 1 Swimming certificte and badge; Heath Allott - Man of the match football trophy; Theo Carman - Football Camp trophy.

12th June

Kieran Mulroy, Heath Allott, Leo Mitchell, Theo Carman - Richmond Rovers football medals.

8th May

Luke Gerrard - Under 10's Lacrosse Medal; Georgina Rushton - Sportscape cetificate; Kieran Mulroy - Gymnastics medal, 2nd in floor; Holly Wells - Bravery certificate; Grace Salisbury - Gymnast of the week trophy; Emily Martino - Phoenix Sports camp certificate.

24th April

Heath Allott - Football camp trophey for being the sportsman of the week. 


20th March

Henry Brigg, Lachlan Edgar, Briana Edgar, Isaac Holyes and Amy Wooldridge - completed a 5K Colour Run and raised £450; Alexander Bedford - stage 8 gymnastics certificate; Georgina Rushton - 4th in a Pixie Cheerleading competition; Arabella Walker - gymnast of the week trophy; Harriet Farndell-Woodward, Ethan Cartwright, Henry Wood, Sonny Jackson, Freya Irwin, Ellie Gardiner, Luke Gerrard, Joel Willis, Charlie Babbage, Tom Key, Morgan Davies, Rowan Whittle, Hannah Latham, Matthew Arrowsmith, Joseph Kitchen - Phoenix Sports certificate and medal.


13th March

Polly Botwe - gymnastics certificate stage 7; Heath Allott - football trophy; Imogen Kitchin - gymnastics star award; Savannah Griffiths - distinction in a tap dancing exam.


6th March

Sadie Caine - gymnastics medals; Imogen Kitchin - swimming award stage 2; Frankie Buckley - swimming award grade 4.


27th February

Harley Guymer - Football trophy; Joe Rushton - Skiing medal and certificate; Georgina Rushton - Skiiing medal and certificate; Ayla Baytan - Reading challenge medal.


13th February

Anna McBrien - gymnastics certificate stage 7; Georgina Rushton - Pixie cheerleading competition.


6th February 

Freddie Thistleton - swimming award stage 2; Eliza Bannard-Smith - Rainbow Badge; Emelye Brackenbury - Rainbow Badge; Kiera Dawkins -swimming award stage 2 & gymnastics award stage 7; Ava Lilly Green - streetdance dance medal; Freya Irwin - streetdance dance medal.


30th January 

Thomas Brammar - Best Beaver award; Joshua Titterton - swimming stafe 1; Tom Ray - swimming stage 4; Thomas Owen - green Blue Peter badge; Heath Allott, Kieran Mulroy, Luke Gerrard, Theo Carman, Leo Mitchell - Richmond Rovers team trophy.


23rd January 

Luke Gerrard - swimming stage 9 award; Eliza Bannard-Smith - distinction in her modern danvce examination; Holly Wells - swimming stage 4 award;Grace Salisbury - swimming stage 3 award; Emelye Brackenbury - swimming stage 1 award; Amelie Cunningham - gymnastics stage 6 & 7.


9th January 

Heath Allott - skiing medal; Leo Mitchell - skiing medal; Ellia Morgan - gymnastics stage 7 certificate, medal and badge and a membership for the British Gymnastics Association; Emily Martino - distinction in a tap dancing exam and an explorer certificate from Lyme Park; Emelye Brackebury - tap dancing trophy.


19th December 

Eliza Bannard-Smith - gymnast of the term trophy; Amber Arnold - gymnast medal; Harriet Bell - Eileen Meacock Dance Award and step ahead medal; Charlie Wainwright - football medal.


5th December

Georgina Rushton - Pixie Cheer competition - 4th place; Joseph Kitchen - Strong medal.


28th November

Edi Tonge - Swimming Stage 2 certificate and badge; Freya Irwin - Swimming Stage 4 certificate and badge; Brianna Edgar - Swimming Stage 1 certificate and badge; Lucas Mills - Best Beaver award; Harriet Bell - national dancing distinction certificate.


21st November

Heath Allot - Blue Peter badge; Megan Owen - Once Dance certificate, distinction; Arabella Walker - Gymnastics level 8 badge; Beck Simpson - Gymnastics level 8 badge & Swimming 10m on back badge; Jessica Williams - Swimming Award 3 certificate; Freya Irwin - Swimming Stage 3 badge; Erin Currall - Gymnast of the week trophy; Theo Carmen - Best Beaver trophy. 


14th November

Ariana Dar - national dancing distinction certificate; Emelye Brackebury - national dancing distinction certificate; Jessica Williams - - national dancing distinction certificate; Amy Wooldridge - - national dancing distinction certificate; Leo Mitchell - swimming badge 2 and dolphin swimming badge; Dakota King - gymnastics badge 8; Sienna Ashton - gymnastics stage 7 certificate; Eliza Bannard-Smith - gymnastic certifacte and badge stage 4; Eva Morgan - swimming stage 4 certificate; Erin Currall - gymanstics level 8 certificate; Evie Rose - summer reading challenge medal.


7th November

Oliver Herbert - Football medal; Finnley Kelly - Swimming Stage One Badge; Amelie Cunningham - Gymnastics Level 7; Megan Ormiston - Wind in the Willows Theatre Helper; Hannah Latham - October Sports Camp Superstar Trophy; Medals for great team work at October Sports Camp received by: Alexander Bedford, Edi Tonge, Connie Hayes, Henry Brigg, William Kitchin.


 31st October

Luke Gerrard - football and lacrosse medals; Savannah Griffiths - stage 5 swimming; Eliza Bannard-Smith - 4 gymnastics medals; Sadie Caine - 2 gymnastics medals; Joshua Farrell - tennis competition winner; Emily Martino - stage 3 swimming; Grace Hudson - cheerleading trophy; Ava Keogh - modern dance certificate.


17th October

Imogen Kitchin - Independent Gymnast certificate; Finnley Kelly - Football Academy medal; Luke Gerrard - Blue Peter badge; Ellia Morgan - Rainbow First Aid Badge; Samuel Hulme - Football trophy; Issac Hoyles - Football trophy, man of the match; Hannah Latham - Gymnastics trophy; William Gannon - Quad biking driving licence.


10th October

Jack Watson - Rugby player of the week; Leo Mitchell - swimming award; Sophia Smith - stage 2 swimming award; Heath Allott - stage 4 swimming award; Thomas Brammar - Summer Reading Challenge; Thomas Gilbert - Summer Reading Challenge; Ayla Baytan - stage 2 swimming award.


3rd October 2016

Thea Clarke Garner - Stage 2 Swimming Badge; Emily Whitworth - Stage 2 Swimming Badge; Beck Simpson - Gymnast of the week trophy; Noah Brassey - Animal challenge medal.


26th September 2016

Ava-Amelie Cunningham - gymnastics trophy; Matthew Roberts - football trophy; Ollie Carroll - Honorary Fireman award and trophy; Sophia Ashwell - stage 3 swimmingaward; Eliza Bannard-Smith - distinction in her tap exam; Jessica Williams - street dance medal; Polly Botwe - gymnast of the week trophy; Arabella Walker - cheerleading trophy; Kieran Mulroy - Blue Peter badge.


16th September 2016

Thea Clarke-Garner - the big friendly reading challenge certificate and medal; Mackenzie Sedgwick - the big friendly reading challenge certificate and medal; Sonny Jackson - stage 1 swimming award; Jamie Carter - stage 2 swimming award 


12th September 2016

Kieran Mulroy - player of the week football trophy; Luke Gerrard - penalty taker of the week football trophy; Alice Westerby - distinction in her dance certificate and a trophy; Megan Ormiston - stage 3 swiming badge; Betty Sutton - the big friendly reading challenge certificate and medal; Megan Owen - the big friendly reading challenge certificate and medal; Connie Hayes - the big friendly reading challenge certificate and medal; Emily Bowden - the big friendly reading challenge certificate and medal; Thomas Owen - the big friendly reading challenge certificate and medal; Sonny Jackson - the big friendly reading challenge certificate and medal; Joe Woodham - Richmond Rovers Medal.