Extra-Curricular Achievements

On this page we celebrate the wonderful achievements of Vernon pupils outside of school.

Key Stage One children, remember to bring your achievements to our Monday assembly!

Monday 9th July 2018

Olive Williams & Amy Sailsbury - horse riding

Dylan Morrall - Football managers choice

Grace Hudson - Swimming 10m

Ben James - Level 2 learn to swim award

Lily Skade - Gymnast of the week

Issac Hoyle - 2nd football 

Monday 2nd July 2018

Keria Dawkins - fun run medal
Jamie Carter- second place fun run medal
Harriet Farndell  Woodward- Stage 5 swimming certificate 
Amelie Cunningham- fun run medal 
Year 1
Ava Keogh- ballet competition certificate and trophy 
Rosa Dempsey- football trophy
Sophie Brammar- Gymnastics trophy 
Amy Salisbury- as above
Eben Garde- as above
Toby Cunnigham - fun run medal

Monday 19th June 2018 

Edi Tonge - Distinction for tap dance exam

Jessixa Williams - Broomstick flying distinction at Alnwick Castle

Issabelle Farrell - Sportscape medal

George Hulme - Football star medal

Dylan Morral - Football medal

Isabella Turner - Gymnastic of week

Adam Solaiman - Stage 2 swimming

Emily McBrien - Stage 1 swimming

Archie Marsden - Puffin swimming badge

Elijah Wilding - Puffin badge

Monday 11th June  - Welcome Back!

Arabella Walker - C.C.Gymnastics - best gymnast

Evie Rose - The Glitter Run

Rosa Dempsey - Richmond Rovers 

Sophie Brammar - Investment into Rainbows

Monday 21st May 

Amber Arnold - Dancinf Award, Distinction, Jake Andrews - Richmond Rovers Football, Megan Ormiston - Sputnik Novice Gala swimming, Matthew Roberts - Under 7s , Joseph Kitchin - Under 7s & Player of the match, Isabelle Walmsley - Under 7s, Sonny Jackson - Under 7s and Player of the match, Henry Briggs - Under 7s, Freddie & Jack Watson - Manchester Maraton, Thomas Wells - City Star player, Holly Dowd - Rainbows investment, Isabelle Farrel - Stage 2 swimming, Isla Brunker - Duckings 3 swimming. 

Monday 14th May 

Under 7s - William Fletcher, Dylan Morrall, Henry Briggs, Joseph Kitchinm Sonny Jackson.

Energise - Emily McBrien, Emelye Brackenbury

Dance award - distinction - Anna McBrien, Amy Wooldridge, Meghan Owen, Alice Webster, Jaime Rodgers & Jennifer Mowbray 

Noah B - swimming awards, Zac Deveril - stage 1 & 2 

Ava Keogh - 10m & 5m backstroke & special achievement.

Amy Sailsbury - Level 8 gymnastics. 

30th April 2018

Jackson Harrop, Joseph Rushton & Toby Cunnigham - Manchester City Coaching Session

Holly Crisp - Stage 7 gymnastics

Toby Cunningham - Stage 8 gymnastics

Edie Tonge - Stage 7 gymnastics & Lacrosse - under 11

Megan Ormiston - Spudnik swimming gala

Issac Hoyle - F.C blue star football trophies x 3

Beck Simpson -stage 4 gymnastics

Eben Garde & Sophie Brammar - STage 8 gymnastics

Lily Christie - Hospital bravery

23rd April 2018

Eben Garde - Miss Wrigley's Easter camp 

Jaime Rogers - Miss Wrigley's Easter camp

Isabelle Farrell - Miss Wrigley's Easter camp

Grace Hudson - 25m backstroke

Sophie Brammar - 5m with floatation

Jaime Rogers - 10m backstroke, 5m frontstroke & badge 1

Freddie & Jack Watson - 8 by 8 Football trophy. 

16th April 2018

Sophie Cash - 500 words for BBC Radio 2 contest - Issac Hoyle _Y2 Penalty winner & 2 silver medals football - Daisy Shelley YR, Miss Wrigley's sports camp.

19th March 2018

Betty Sutton - diploma certificate and medal for a holiday club; Dylan Morrall - football medal; Lucas Oliver - football medal.


12th March 2018

FRankie Buckley - swimming certificate and badge stage 1; Isaac Hoyles - man of the match football trophy; Arabella Walker - swimming badge stage 3.

5th March 2018

Megan Owen - Ski Badge and Certificate; Holly Crisp - gymnast of the week trophy; Dylan Morrall - training with Manchester United certificate and football medal; Harry Beresford - 5m swimming certificate.


26th February 2018

Charlie Babbage - Beavers Trophy; Joseph Rushton - Ski Megal and Football Trophy. 


12th February 2018

Sienna Ashton - A Distinction Modern Dance Examination Certificate; Sienna Ashton - Gymnast of the Week Trophy.


5th February 2018

Amelie Cunningham - Stage 5 swimming certificate; Harley Guymer - 10m front crawl swimming certificate; Tom Rey - 10m butterfly swimming certificate; Tom Rey - 50m swimming certificate; Tom Rey - 10m breast stroke swimming certificate.


11th December 2017

Ava Hartley - 10m swimming badge; Megan Ormiston - gymnast of the week trophy; Arabella Walker - gymnastic medals.


27th November 2017

Amelie Cunningham - 10m swimming certificate; Anna McBrien - 25m swimming certificate; Jessica Williams - 25m and 50m swimming certificate; Emily Whitworth - gymnastics stage 6, 7 and 8 certificate; Joe Woodham - Beavers award; Joe Thomson - Beavers award; Rowan Whittle - swimming certificate; Megan Ormiston - stage 7 swimming certificate; Edi Tonge - level 3 swimming certificate.


20th November 2017

Amber Arnold - Gymnastics - Vault silver & bronze overall.  Issac Hoyle - Man of the Match. Jessica Williams - Gymnastics level 8.

6th November 2017

Matthew Roberts - football penalty certificate; Edi Tonge - gymnastics stage 8 certificate; Megan Ormiston - gymnastics stage 4 certificate, gymnastics stage 5 certificate and swimming stage 6 certificate; Xander Bedford - swimming stage 2 certificate; Dylan Gardiner - swimming stage 2 certificate; Megan Owen - gymnastics stage 6 certificate and gymast of the week trophy.


30th October 2017

Megan Ormiston - water games diploma; Amelie Cunningham - Brownie Promise certificate; Rowan Whittle - running medal; Joseph Rushton - tennis medal; Jacob Andrews - Manchester City football certificate, Richmond Rovers medal, most helpful player trophy, soccer academy trophy, soccer academy medal.


9th October 2017

Eban Garde - medal; Freddie Watson - 5m swimming certificate; Jack Watson - 5m swimming certificate; Olive Williams - swimming certificate; Reggie Warburton - football certificate; Jack Watson - football certificate; Mimi McDuff - Pixie Cheerleading trophy; Harry Beresford - football coaching certificate; Harry Beresford - summer reading challenge certificate; Ava Keogh - street dance medal.


2nd October 2017

Amelie Cunningham - swimming stage 4; Jasper Bannard - swimming stage 1; Thomas Banner - swimming stage 1; Edi Whittle - Rainbows; Celia Clarke-Garner - Rainbows and Animal Agents summer reading challenge; Megan Orminston - Animal Agents summer reading challenge; Tom Rey - swimming certifcate; Eva Morgan - swimming stage 1.


25th September 2017

Grace Davies - swimming stage 1; Megan Ormiston - swimming stage 5; Rosa Dempsy - peak active sports trophy; Ava Keogh - peak active sports trophy; Polly Botwe - puffin swimming certifcate; Anna McBrien - swimming stage 4 and 5m front crawl certificate. 


18th September 2017

Sophie Royle - Star ballet award; Jennifer Mowbray - 5m swimming award; Dylan Moore - Stage 1 swimming & Polly - Library summer reading challenge.


11th September 2017

Jessica Williams - Summer Reading Challenge; Megan Owen - Summer Reading Challenge; Joseph Kitchen - Jedi Apprentice Certificate; Ramona Reed - talent show certificate; Mimi McDuff - Phoenix Sport trophy; Ella Wainwright - Phoenix Sport medal; Zac Deverell - Phoenix Sport medal; Andrew McDuff - Phoenix Sport medal; Ben James - Phoenix Sport medal; Joe Woodham - Phoenix Sport medal; Harry Beresford - Phoenix Sport medal; Matthew Roberts - Phoenix Sport medal; Charlie Babbage - Phoenix Sport medal; Freddie Thistleton - Phoenix Sport medal; Alice Manion - Phoenix Sport medal; Adam Solaiman - Phoenix Sport medal; Spencer Hooper - Phoenix Sport medal; Lachlan Edgar - Phoenix Sport medal; Joshua Sidley - Phoenix Sport medal


4th September 2017

Matthew Roberts - football trophy, football medal for winning the cup, football medal for winning the league, goalie of the week trophy, football certificate for star player; Megan Ormiston - rosette for winning first place at Poynton Show; Isaac Hoyles - football medal for winning the cup, football medal for winning the league, football trophy.