Extension & Enrichment Activities


Practise your spellings by writing them in a complex or compound sentence. Remember to add as many WOW words as possible to make them interesting.



When you read aloud remember to use as much expression as possible to make it interesting for your audience.  Remember to use your Extras book to write about what you have read.  For example you might write a detailed description of a favourite character or setting from your reading book. If you are reading a non-fiction book, how about researching the topic and adding some additional information in the same style.



Keep practising your times tables.  This week we are focussing on our 11 times tables. 


Practise your times tables and division facts using the link above.




Each week you will be given a piece of homework by your teacher.  It will also be available here by clicking on the link below.


Week beginning 25th April - Rounding.pdf

Week beginning 2nd May - NCR.pdf

Week beginning 8th May - Identifying angles.pdf

Week beginning 19th June - write a mini saga (paper copy only)

Week beginning 3rd July - Thrymheim description.pdf

Week beginning 10th July - Fractions homework 2017.pdf

Making Bread instructions.pdf