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To Infinity and Beyond! 



Please continue to hear your child read at home, even if they are now reading independently. We would be very grateful if you could record when you read together in their 'Extras Book', so that we can keep track of this at school. In year 3 we are particularly focusing on the use of intonation and expression, as well as taking note of punctuation. 

Extra writing activities to enjoy at home:


Book review.pdf



Diary entry.pdf





You may find these reading prompts useful when sharing a book with your child.

> Who are the main characters?

> Can you tell me why ....?

> What kinds of people are in this story?

> Describe what happened at/when...

> Through whose eyes is this story told?

> How have the characters changed during the story?

> Predict what you think will happen next.

> How does the layout help the reader?

> Why did the author choose to change paragraphs here?

> What does the (word/phrase) mean?

> Can you find any similes/metaphors?

> Find some adjectives that help you picture the character/setting in your mind.

> Could the story be improved? What would you suggest?

> What question would you like to ask the author of the story?

> What does the story remind you of?

> What is the message of this story?


This week we are looking at our 8 times tables (and this will continue over half term.) If your child wants to have an extra challenge, an extension activity is available for over the break.

Test your times tables skills using the following websites:




We will be finding out about the Solar System this half term.

Within the topic we will be Investigating the movement of the Sun, Earth and the Moon. We will also be studying the phases of the moon, explain days, months, a year and the seasons. 


(Follow the link to explore the phases of the moon)


(learn about the moon's journey)