Extension & Enrichment Activities


Please continue to hear your child read at home, even if they are now reading independently. We would be very grateful if you could record when you read together in their 'Extras Book', so that we can keep track of this at school. In year 3 we are particularly focusing on the use of intonation and expression, as well as taking note of punctuation. 

Please find below links to a number of fun extra writing activities to enjoy at home:


Book review.pdf


Diary entry.pdf


You may find these reading prompts useful when sharing a book with your child.

> Who are the main characters?

> Can you tell me why ....?

> Describe what happened at/when...

> Predict what you think will happen next.

> What does the (word/phrase) mean?


Your child will continue to be given spellings each week, these will tested on the following days:

Mrs Hough's class: Monday!

Mrs Waites & Mrs Wigglesworth's class: Thursday!


This term we are focusing on our 8 times table (as well as reviewing our 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10's).

You may find the following links useful to help your child to practice their times tables skills:





This term we will be focusing on the Properties of Materials!


We will learn to Identify solids, liquids and gasses and explore their properties, compare and identify different types of rocks as well as examining soil to find out what it is made from!

Follow the links below for some fun games that will help to consolidate our learning: