As well as meeting in full six times a year, Vernon Primary School's governing board conducts much of its business through specialist committees that deal with specific aspects of school governance.

On this page you'll find details of each committee and its membership. You can download the terms of reference for each committee by clicking on the appropriate link. This will give you more detail about the role and remit of each committee.

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Teaching and Learning Committee - examines the curriculum and pupil progress

Chair - Prof Richard Jones

Jo Carvell, Ashley Hickson, Wendy Sykes, Lauren Mowat, Robin Richards, James Woodham

Terms of Reference (Teaching and Learning Committee)

Finance Committee - oversees budget issues

Chair - Robin Richards

Jo Carvell, Ashley Hickson, Helen O'Sullivan, Dale Walmsley

Terms of Reference (Finance Committee)

Personnel Commitee - responsible for staffing issues such as recruitment, pay and performance

Chair - Pauline Jones

Jo Carvell, Tricia Grierson, Ashley Hickson, Wendy Sykes

Terms of Reference (Personnel Committee)

Buildings and Environment Committee - deals with school facilities and its premises

Chair - Tricia Grierson

Jo Carvell, Prof Richard Jones, John Milman, Helen O'Sullivan

Terms of Reference (Buildings and Environment Committee)

Safeguarding Committee

Jo Carvell, Ashley Hickson, Pauline Jones, John Milman, James Woodham